Come Experience More Than Great History at Heritage Square!

School Tours and Outreach Program

Some of the most exciting and rewarding ways of learning about history are to see, talk about, and even touch real objects that help tell the stories of how people used to live in the distant past and not so long ago. Heritage Square offers a program that helps to engage students, teachers and parents by exploring Oxnard’s history.

School Tours at Heritage Square are available year-round by appointment. We also offer an Outreach Program where our docents come to you. Please allow at least three weeks prior to the requested date of your visit. Before filling out a reservation form please read the ETIQUETTE AND TOUR TIPS document. 

For students and teachers alike, Heritage Square offers a step back in time. Students learn firsthand about how these families lived and about what they did to help shape the community we know today. Call us today to book your tour 805.483.7960.

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(Etiquette and Tour Tips)

School Programs from Heritage Square, Oxnard

For Grade 3

All Programs include:

  • Hands-on materials and experiences
  • Costumed docents, trained by teachers
  • Interactive  presentations
  • Based on specific grade level California History/Social Science standards, English Language Arts standards
  • Follow-up classroom activities provided to continue development of standards


Two Types of Programs to Choose From

1. Outreach Program

Grade 3: Docents will bring a hands-on Oxnard History Museum to your school for two third grade classes to rotate through. Parent participation and teacher supervision are needed for this program. 90 minutes See separate flyer/page on Oxnard History Museum for more details.

Cost for Museum Outreach: $150 per session, up to 60 students, with $2 per each additional student

2. Field Trips to Heritage Square

If you don’t have a bus, you can take a Gold Coast bus from anywhere in Oxnard!

Activities at the Square are 90 minutes with a tour and hands on experiences

Grade 3 Students will step back in time to 1903, the year that Oxnard became a city and be treated to a tour of the colorful history and architecture of early Oxnard with an architectural scavenger hunt.

Grades 4-5 Students will tour the exteriors of pioneer houses at Heritage Square, with an architectural scavenger hunt activity learning about the people who lived in the homes.  Tour content sets the historical stage for this period of local community development within the context of The Westward Movement of US and CA history, including immigration and migration to California from the 1850’s to the early 1900’s. Students will   explore why people came here and routes they traveled, with stories and adventures of real people who settled in this area and lived in the houses at Heritage Square.  Hands on activities will give students a taste of pioneer farm life.

History/Social Science Standards Addressed in Our School Programs:

Grade 3  3.3, 3.3#2 and 3.3#3

Grade 4  4.1 #3,4,5; 4.2 #3,6,7,8; 4.3 #2,3;  and 4.4#2,3

Grade 5  5.2 #2; 5.3 #1; and 5.8 #1,2, 4.

Cost for Field Trips:

$3. Per student, with free admission for one teacher and 3 adults per class

$4. Per student for Combo Trips to Farmer’s Market

If your class cannot make a visit to Heritage Square we can come to you! Check out the link below for details.

The Friends of Heritage Square Outreach Program

The Friends of Heritage Square Outreach Program
An Interactive Hands-on Experience
for Third Grade students
Costumed docents will come to your school to help bring history alive for your students.
Activities may include:
Oxnard: Then and Now
Prediction Game: Artifacts from Early Oxnard Life
1903, the Year our City Came to Be
The Sugar Beet Factory
Old Fashioned Toys and Games
The Story of Oxnard through the Kaufman Family
Farm Chores
How did kids dress over 100 years ago? What was school like?
Tea Party with the First Lady
Story Telling

 A large indoor space (like a cafeteria or library) to accommodate 6 activity tables for approximately 2 and one half hours?
Parent volunteers to help with activities

 $150 per museum session for up to 60 students
 $2.00 additional for each student over 60

For more information or to request a reservation, call (805) 483-7960 or e-mail: